Wheatgrass’s Bitter Taste and Aftertaste Eliminated

A blurred natural medium-wood tone fills the background of the composition. Across the top at a slight diagonal is a bunch of wheatgrass bundled with jute just past the center as you move to the right side. In the bottom left quadrant, a bit closer to center, is an overhead view of the bitter-tasting wheatgrass juice sitting in a glass. Its signature vibrant green foamy top is in focus, immediately drawing the viewer's attention to the texture and in turn, eliciting a puckering reaction from the audience. The grassy, earthy taste and aftertaste of wheatgrass are unpleasant to many.

Bites from the Bench:  TastesNatural’s bitter blockers eliminated the grassy taste and bitter aftertaste of wheatgrass in both powdered and liquid form. Effects were immediate, with low usage rates in formulas. Clean-label for clean eating.


Wheatgrass has become a popular health food in recent years, but its bitter, earthy taste can be off-putting to some people. In some cases, the aftertaste can be more astringent than the original taste, and the unpleasant taste hinders many from enjoying the benefits. Fortunately, TastesNatural™ has developed a way to reduce the perceived bitterness of wheatgrass, using all-natural bitter blockers that react and mask the negative taste. All of our products are listed as Natural Flavor, and work with your ingredients using patent-pending reactive taste technology.


Both powder and liquid forms of wheatgrass showed up on our bench, and we quickly detected the earthy, bitter, potent grass notes that had a pronounced aftertaste. Customers are looking at wheatgrass as an ingredient in functional food and beverage products, cold-pressed juice blends, supplements, and stand-alone bottled product.


Overall, both TruMask™ and TruClear™ had pronounced and near-instantaneous effects on the powdered and liquid wheatgrass samples. In addition to blocking the forward bitter molecules in wheatgrass, TruMask™ also helped to sweeten the taste profile. TruClear™ eliminated the bitter aftertaste. Both products reduced the overall bitterness significantly and with ease. Some customers may want to use TruMask™ in conjunction with TruClear™ depending upon their recipe. In some functional food recipes, we suggest the addition of TruSugr™, an all-natural, non-GMO, zero-calorie sugar substitute.


TastesNatural’s taste technology can help to make wheatgrass more enjoyable and palatable, allowing more people to take advantage of its health benefits.

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