Product Innovation That Tastes Great

Announcing our new product experience, TruAccelerate™.

Together, we can unlock the possibilities of what is next for your company.

We heard our customers’ needs and saw the solution: unveil forward-thinking avenues to new innovative products. 

Our products are usually the not-so-secret ingredient that enters the R+D cycle and begins to allow customers to see the potential of their work. Let’s take this opportunity a step further.

TruAccelerate™ offers companies the chance to seek potential avenues for their product line using our taste technology. This boutique experience has a track record of success in helping to accelerate the growth of a company with solutions that are thoughtful and effective. 

Curious to learn more? Head to our Contact page and click the box for “TruAccelerate”.  A member of our Customer Success Team will be in touch with you to follow up.

Requirements Checklist

TruAccelerate™ meets all required food safety, quality & regulatory parameters

All TastesNatural bitter blocker products - TruBlock, TruClear, TruSugr, and TruMask - are non-gmo


Whole Foods and Kroger 101 compliant

Organic compliant

FINAL Freeze Heat

heat and freeze stable


allergen free


gluten free





SQF Level 3 Certified



Customize your application

For rates and usage suggestions, please reach out to your Customer Success + Sales team representative.
We recognize and prioritize your specific needs.