bitter blocker

A field of fluffy white powder with gentle clumps, is interrupted by a smooth wood spoon that enters from the top right corner of the composition. The cup of the spoon also holds the powder and rests gently on the powdery surface. The feeling is bright and natural.
Agriculture & Feed

The Taste of Tylosin

Tylan, often referred to as Tylosin, is an antibiotic feed additive used in veterinary medicine. It has broad spectrum activity against Gram-positive bacteria, with some

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An overhead shot of a white bowl filled with inflated cylinders of hot pink tablets takes up the right two-thirds of the composition. One white tablet on top creates stark contrast to the hot pink below. The background is white.
Food & Beverage

Balancing the Taste of Zinc

What is Zinc? What is its claimed benefits? Zinc is a trace mineral that necessary for our bodies. In an article posted by Harvard University’s

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A centered curl of aqua toothpaste lays on a white wooden surface with the container blurred in the background exiting the right side of the composition. The texture of the toothpaste is the focus of these piece.
Personal Care

Bitter blocker for SLS

Have you ever drank orange juice after brushing your teeth? Not pleasant.  What you may have thought was the cause – mint and orange doesn’t

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