Sugar Substitute for Great Tasting, Sugar-free Gummies

A figure-ground of multicolored rectangular (yet organic in their lines) gummies fills the composition. The zoomed-in view offers a clear look at the sugar crystal coating. The image elicits a tart and sweet image, which gummies are known for. TruSugr™ is a sugar substitute that allows for healthier versions of gummies.

Better Flavor and Better-for-Your-Stomach 

Sugar-free Gummies.

Gummies are a popular delivery method, showing up in Vitamins, Nutraceuticals, CBD/THC, and even skincare regimes. TruSugr™ has met the increasing demand to decrease the sugar content while prioritizing taste and aftertaste in surprising and effective ways. 

While sugar can hide unpleasant flavors, it comes with health risks. Obesity, diabetes, cavities, and more have been directly linked with excess sugar intake. Still, many sugar alternatives come with their own risks, including recent news on generational anxiety tied to aspartame

Using a sugar substitute can drastically reduce the amount of sugar in a gummy. For example, instead of having a gummy that is loaded with sugar, a sugar substitute can help reduce the amount of sugar in the gummy by around 95%. Even better, a recent sugar-free gummy formulation for a TastesNatural™ customer used TruSugr™ at just about 1%. This means that you can enjoy the same sweet taste at incredibly low user rates, but without all of the added sugars.

Stevia is a sugar substitute that has become quite popular because it is natural, does not increase blood sugar levels, and has been studied as a remedy for Lyme Disease. Unfortunately, Stevia can often leave a bitter, earthy aftertaste that is unpleasant. We heard the concerns of the Stevia taste and aftertaste and developed a formulation comprised of our proprietary bitter blockers with high-quality stevia resulting in a balanced sweet taste. The strength of TruSugr™ allows for low usage rates and versatility in its fine powdery form.

The results of TruSugr™ in gummies have been proven in various industries, and these sugar-free gummies are meeting the demand from a more health-conscious population. 

No Digestion Issues Here

It has been nearly a decade since the Amazon reviews of sugar-free Haribo gummy bears went viral, and are probably worth a revisit if you need a laugh. While the writing was brilliant, the harrowing experiences people went through are not ones people are eager to replicate. Studies on the laxative effect of maltitol, a sugar alcohol that was used in those gummies, are prevalent. On the other hand, Stevia does not have the same effect, nor does it spike blood sugar levels. 

Flavor Profile 

Sugar-free gummies can leave an astringent after-taste and, at times, even a subtle yet lingering unpleasant taste and sensation in the mouth long after ingestion. TruSugr™ utilizes patent-pending bitter blockers to mask those unpleasant components while providing all-natural sweetness. TruSugr™ has also been used alongside other sugar substitutes to help balance and round out a product’s taste profile.

We used a taste scale in-house to record our bench work and R+D efforts as we sought the perfect recipes for our customers. A downloadable simple Taste Chart follows for you to use as well, should you want to get to know your preferred taste profile better. TasteChart – Gummies 


What is it that makes the ideal gummy texture? That balance between chewy like gum and cutable like jello is achieved through a few different components, like heat, sugar, and other ingredients. For example, adding pectin versus gelatin results in a different texture to the same recipe. Our in-house culinary expert, a graduate of the CIA, describes the goal of texture through a comparison of sugar-free versus sugar-laden gummies:    

Sugar plays an integral role in the texture of gummies. When making sugar-free gummies, the two main factors to consider for texture are viscosity and water absorption; both are properties of sugar that must be recreated one way or another.

How does TruSugr™ work in the production of sugar-free? He continues, “TruSugr™ just serves the function of sweetening, but with such a low usage rate, it allows for a lot of creativity when trying to perfect the texture of the gummy.”

Take Aways

  1. Gummies continue to increase in popularity, though sugar remains a hindering factor in converting more consumers.
  2. Sugar-free alternatives may require a close examination of the ingredients panel, to keep consumers in the know of possible digestive issues or glucose and insulin spikes. 
  3. TruSugr™ is a sugar substitute with incredibly low user rates and a well-balanced taste profile, is all-natural, non-GMO, and versatile. 


Free Download: A Taste Evaluation Tool we used in-house and you can use at home, specific to gummies.  TasteChart – Gummies

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