Sugar-Free Snack Challenge: Week 8 – As American As Pie Filling

A slightly elevated angle aims at a mixed berry pie slice with a lovely buttery and flaky crust that cracks as the viewer nears the point. Berries cascade onto the white dessert dish with a deep purpley-plum that offsets the stark white of the clean plate. Sugar-free pie filling is now possible with TruSugr.

Bites from the Bench:  As part of a series of testing of sugar replacement in everyday snacks with TruSugr™, we will be posting weekly results. Follow us on LinkedIn and Instagram to stay on top of news.


Week 8: Sugar-Free and Reduced Sugar Pie Filling

The sugar replacement TruSugr™ challenge series pivoted from cakes to pies this week, focusing on the ever-so-versatile pie filling. A canned pie filing expedites the baking process and is often used in and on pies, cheesecakes, tarts and cobblers. The sweet, fruity, syrupy compotes are delicious albeit often ladened-with sugar or a risky sweetener.


For our testing, we focused on diminishing and/or eliminating the sugar in:

  • Mixed Berry Pie Filling – mimicking a brand name that is trusted in the baking world



Our Food Scientists evaluated based on natural blueberry flavor, sweetness, and texture.

  • 40% Reduced Sugar (RS) Mixed Berry Pie Filling: This was one of our food scientist’s favorite for balance. It was noted that the berry flavor became stronger up front, almost “jammier” with a classic sweet end note.
  • 100% Sugarfree (SF) Mixed Berry Filling: Again, showcasing that natural sweetness of the mixed berries, the sugar-free rendition was a great success and allowed for a more complex – while still superbly sweet – taste experience.


Cost Comparison:

  • RS Mixed Berry Pie Filling: cost-savings is nearly 25% as compared to sugar cane
  • SF Mixed Berry Pie Filling: cost-savings of nearly 60% as compared to sugar cane



What is TruSugr™ ?

TruSugr™ is a high-quality sugar replacement that includes our patented and patent-pending bitter blocker component. Many sugar substitutes have a lingering after-taste. Our taste technology erases that aftertaste, allowing the sweetness to shine.

What are the benefits of TruSugr™ ?

  • The low usage rates ends up saving customers money, while providing the health benefits top tier CPG companies want.
  • With the concerning recent news of sugar substitutes like aspartame and sucralose, TastesNatural™ is proud to provide a safer sugar replacement.
  • Zero-calories.
  • Significantly more sustainable than beet sugar or cane sugar.
  • Tooth-friendly and has a glycemic load of zero.
  • TruSugr™ comes in an easy-to-mix fine powder form.
  • Proven success in a variety of applications, and our in-house R+D team offers input on formulation, helping to streamline customer’s time and resources.


With “around 91% of consumers influenced by sugar-reduction claims,” and an option like TruSugr™, what are you waiting for?

As the slogan says, We Make Healthy Taste Good™.

Test it for yourself (for free) and experience better taste, naturally.


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