Clean-label, Zero-calorie Sweetness for Dairy-Free Products

An inky blue background blends nearly seamlessly with the navy surface that enters the composition for the bottom third. A tall, clear glass with a rim almost fills the height of the image and is placed two-thirds of the way from the left of the image. The clear glass is filled with iced coffee, unmixed with a thick dairy-free cream that is naturally sweetened with TruSugr™. The dairy-free cream creates natural striations of brown and tan tones, which are both beautiful and appetizing. These undulations of warm tones compliment the cool background keeping attention within the glass. Ice cubes are present at the top of the glass. Coffee beans randomly gather on the navy surface, congregating closer to the cup, which draws the viewer's attention to the delicious and decadent TruSugr + creamer iced coffee drink.

Bites from the Bench™: Dairy-free milk and creamer alternatives receive clean-label, zero-calorie sweetness from TruSugr™. 


Fat-free, soy-free, gluten-free, dairy-free, sugar-free, organic, and great-tasting creamer.

Can you meet these demands? We can. 

The increasing popularity of dairy-free products has become commonplace in cafes and in the home. Many of these dairy-free products can, unfortunately, carry some off-notes that make them unpleasant to palettes, especially when said products are unsweetened. By using a combination of TastesNatural™ ‘s patented bitter blockers and our TruSugr™, one could help mitigate or even fully mask those undesirable flavors without adding sugar. 

A simple bench test of a serving of an organic, powdered oat milk, TruSugr™ at .08%, and water showcased the delicious and potent results of our sugar substitute. The creamer was then tested in coffee, and it was an ideal afternoon pick-me-up for the TastesNatural™ team at their offices in Danbury, CT. Need a sample? We have you covered. 

We’re everywhere great taste is. 

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