The Sugar-Free Snack Challenge: Week 4 – Soda’s Sweet Taste and Even Sweeter Cost

Sugar-free soda is being poured from a plastic bottle entering the composition on the right. Just below center and slightly to the right, the carbonation spray is reflected off the black background as the soda is poured into a nearly overfilled cup. Ice, bubbles, variation in the rich browns and auburns of the color of the soda are saliva-inducing, flavorful imagery. Now soda can be much healthier.

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Week 4: Sugar-free, Corn Syrup-free Soda


Soda is a staple amongst households in the United States and beyond. Whether enjoyed on their own or used as mixers in cocktails, these popular soda flavors continue to be enjoyed by people of all ages. These carbonated beverages are typically sweetened with artificial sweeteners and high fructose corn syrup.

The market for sugar-free and corn syrup-free soda and other beverages has been proliferating in recent years and is expected to gain in momentum.


For our testing, we focused on diminishing and/or eliminating the sugar in popular flavors:

  • lemon-lime soda
  • orange soda
  • root beer


Sugar-free (SF): Our Food Scientists started with the goal of sugar-free and accomplished this with ease in all flavors.

  • SF lemon-lime: Tangy, sweet. The citrus tastes a bit brighter with a sweet finish.
  • SF orange soda: A balanced candy orange. Exceptional flavor.
  • SF root beer: All-around excellent. The taste was nearly identical to the full sugar.


Cost Comparison: In comparison to one can of an industry leader’s total sugar costs for each flavor.

  • SF lemon-lime: 53% savings
  • SF orange soda: 98% savings
  • SF root beer: 99% savings



What is TruSugr™ ?

TruSugr™ is a high-quality sugar replacement that includes our patented and patent-pending bitter blocker component. Many sugar substitutes have a lingering after-taste. Our taste technology erases that aftertaste, allowing the sweetness to shine.

What are the benefits of TruSugr™ ?

  • The low usage rates end up saving customers money, while providing the health benefits top tier CPG companies want.
  • With the concerning recent news of sugar substitutes like aspartame and sucralose, TastesNatural™ is proud to provide a safer sugar replacement.
  • Zero-calories.
  • Significantly more sustainable than beet sugar or cane sugar.
  • Tooth-friendly and has a glycemic load of zero.
  • TruSugr™ comes in an easy-to-mix fine powder form.
  • Proven success in a variety of applications, and our in-house R+D team offers input on formulation, helping to streamline customer’s time and resources.


With “around 91% of consumers influenced by sugar-reduction claims,” and an option like TruSugr™, what are you waiting for?

As the slogan says, We Make Healthy Taste Good™.

Test it for yourself (for free) and experience better taste, naturally.


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