Sugar Free Tequila Chocolate Pyramids

Sugar free candy has historically not been good enough to appeal to the mass consumer market.  Collaborating with a major Stevia producer, Tastes Natural worked together to develop a truly world class chocolate candy that is also sugar free.  After some development, the Tequila Chocolate Pyramid was born.

Using TruClear and TruSweet together with Stevia, our partner was able to provide a dark chocolate confection with all the flavor and sweetness of candy but without the sugar.

Tastes Natural is working with Stevia to provide zero calorie sweetness to consumer products in most categories. Our Tru products are combined with Stevia to provide a concentrated sweetener with up to 300x the sweetness of sugar without the negative taste of pure Stevia. For more information or to ask for samples and usage guidelines, please contact Tastes Natural.