The Challenge of Reducing Sodium

Various sized spoons filled with different types and colors of salt, each spilling over onto a black background. Text interrupts the composition on the upper right speaking the the deaths associated with high salt intake, showcasing the need of a healthy salt alternative.

Even if a consumer did not add table salt to their meals, it is nearly impossible in today’s food environment for anybody to consume less than the recommended salt intake set by the 2015 Dietary Guidelines for Americans. Despite the FDA releasing voluntary sodium reduction target ranges for commercially processed foods, the market lacks the ingredients to allow these products to remain appealing to the consumer while reducing sodium.

Our mission is simple, provide the industry with both low sodium and sodium-free salt substitutes that have both the taste and quality that their customers demand.

TruSalt™ provides up to 100% sodium reduction in all applications and Ancient Sea Salt provides all the benefits of Sea Salt with 75% reduced sodium. Please contact TastesNatural™ for more information and to request samples.

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