Sugar-Free Snack Challenge: Week 5 – We All Scream for Reduced Sugar Ice Cream

Two hand gently grasp waffle cones that are full of two scoops of chocolate and vanilla cream. Earthy greenery is blurred in the background of this open aperture shot. The ice cream cones look to be "cheersing" in the center of the image. Sugar free ice cream and sugar free frozen yogurt are possible with TruSugr™.

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Week 5: Reduced Sugar Ice Cream and Frozen Greek Yogurt


The sugar replacement TruSugr™ challenge series continues with the a couple of the most popular of desserts: ice cream and frozen Greek yogurt. These two frozen sweet treats are a staple in many diets, school lunches, and is a regular part of entertaining. However, there are many downsides to the often sugar-ladened treats.


For our testing, we focused on diminishing and/or eliminating the sugar in vanilla Ice Cream and vanilla Frozen Greek Yogurt:

  • Ice Cream – mimicking one of the most popular name-brand sellers
  • Frozen Greek Yogurt – gaining popularity in bar format as a healthier alternative to ice cream


50% Reduced Sugar (RS):

  • RS Ice Cream: Delicious. Vanilla notes are strengthened, the sweetness then continues through the taste experience. The ice cream has a touch more creamier mouthfeel, which if noticed, was appreciated by panelists. This texture melded well with the heightened sweetness, making it an instant favorite amongst the team and panelists. Everyone went back for seconds, or thirds… One panelist stated, “this is the best vanilla ice cream I have ever had.”


  • RS Frozen Greek Yogurt: Also a panel favorite. A delightful balance of subtle tangy and sweet. Texture was a match, and the richness of the yogurt infused the sweetness throughout the entire taste experience. Another strong win that shows the incredible potential of patented TruSugr™ sugar replacement.


Cost Comparison:

  • RS Ice Cream: savings of over 11% as compared to full sugar.
  • RS Frozen Greek Yogurt: savings of over 60% as compared to full sugar.


What is TruSugr™ ?

TruSugr™ is a high-quality sugar replacement that includes our patented and patent-pending bitter blocker component. Many sugar substitutes have a lingering after-taste. Our taste technology erases that aftertaste, allowing the sweetness to shine. This bitter blocking helps unlock a range of possibilities, allowing for incredibly low usage rates and resounding wins for flavors.


What are the benefits of TruSugr™ ?

  • The low usage rates ends up saving customers money, while providing the health benefits top tier CPG companies want.
  • With the concerning recent news of sugar substitutes like aspartame and sucralose, TastesNatural™ is proud to provide a safer sugar replacement.
  • Zero-calories.
  • Significantly more sustainable than beet sugar or cane sugar.
  • Tooth-friendly and has a glycemic load of zero.
  • TruSugr™ comes in an easy-to-mix fine powder form.
  • Proven success in a variety of applications, and our in-house R+D team offers input on formulation, helping to streamline customer’s time and resources.


With “around 91% of consumers influenced by sugar-reduction claims,” and an option like TruSugr™, what are you waiting for?

As the slogan says, We Make Healthy Taste Good™.

Test it for yourself (for free) and experience better taste, naturally.


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