Sugar-Free Snack Challenge: Week 6 – Is it (Reduced-Sugar) Cake?

A slice of double layer white cake with creamy white frosting sits on a small plate closest to the viewer on the bottom left of the screen. A ripe strawberry slice rests on the cake slice and blueberries sit near the base. Behind the slice of this decadent sugar-reduced cake is the rest of the cake, with the spot where the slice was aimed toward the viewer. The texture of the frosting compliments the airy cake. Vanilla beans rest on the table near the cake.

Bites from the Bench:  As part of a series of testing of sugar replacement in everyday snacks with TruSugr™, we will be posting weekly results. Follow us on LinkedIn and Instagram to stay on top of news.


Week 6: Reduced-Sugar Cake

The sugar replacement TruSugr™ challenge series continues with the staple of celebrations – cake. Whether in cupcake or sheet cake format, cake is a classic dessert meant to be shared.

For our testing, we focused on diminishing and/or eliminating the sugar in two types:

  • a vanilla sheet cake
  • a chocolate sheet cake


Both of these cakes are mimicking a top selling cake-in-a box, bake-yourself brand. Fully eliminating the sugar proved to be more of a challenge because of texture and color concerns. We found the most similar to store-bought cakes in the following reductions.


Reduced-Sugar Cake (RS):

  • RS Vanilla Cake 40% less sugar: Same balanced fluffy texture as full sugar control. The taste-profile is nearly identical to the original store-bought with an even vanilla flavor throughout.
  • RS Chocolate Cake 50% less sugar: Richer in mouthfeel. Gives a rich dark chocolate taste, with a strong chocolate finish. The texture of the cake is a touch thicker, resulting in a more fudgier and decadent tasting experience.


Cost Comparison:

  • RS Vanilla Cake: cost-savings is nearly at 43% as compared to full sugar
  • RS Chocolate Cake: savings of nearly 21% % as compared to full sugar


For all those celebrating later summer birthdays and weddings, this sugar-reduced slice is for you!


What is TruSugr™ ?

TruSugr™ is a high-quality sugar replacement that includes our patented and patent-pending bitter blocker component. Many sugar substitutes have a lingering after-taste. Our taste technology erases that aftertaste, allowing the sweetness to shine.


What are the benefits of TruSugr™ ?

  • The low usage rates ends up saving customers money, while providing the health benefits top tier CPG companies want.
  • With the concerning recent news of sugar substitutes like aspartame and sucralose, TastesNatural™ is proud to provide a safer sugar replacement.
  • Zero-calories.
  • Significantly more sustainable than beet sugar or cane sugar.
  • Tooth-friendly and has a glycemic load of zero.
  • TruSugr™ comes in an easy-to-mix fine powder form.
  • Proven success in a variety of applications, and our in-house R+D team offers input on formulation, helping to streamline customer’s time and resources.


With “around 91% of consumers influenced by sugar-reduction claims,” and an option like TruSugr™, what are you waiting for?

As the slogan says, We Make Healthy Taste Good™.

Test it for yourself (for free) and experience better taste, naturally.


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