Next Generation of Taste Enhancement Technology

Bitter Blocker that Clears the Path for Flavor

TruClear™ bitter blocker utilizes groundbreaking reactive technology that sets this product apart as a workhouse in taste and aftertaste.

Where traditional bitter blockers attempt to trick the taste bud response by masking one flavor with another, TruClear™ takes another approach altogether. Through artful chemistry, our ingredients bind with the compound, then drop off.  Taste buds detect no bitterness at all. TruClear™ erases the bitterness of active ingredients and it’s the healthier, all-natural choice.

With TruClear™ bitter blocker, taste improvement is perceived with as little as .1%. That means very small quantities of our plant-based extract give you a cleaner taste.

We tend to recommend TruClear™ bitter blocker for CBD/THC and Pharmaceutical products. TruClear™ is great at blocking strong, bitter compounds while also reducing the afterburn often found in pharmaceuticals. Clear it all in one fell swoop.

TruClear™ is a potent product with lower usage rates on average. 

TruClear™ bitter blocker is listed as a Natural Flavor.


As a stand-alone, TruClear™ has a track record of success and also partners well with our other “Tru” products, which can amplify the effects of our clean-label taste technology. 

TruClear™ bitter blocker is being successfully used with many ingredients and in most delivery forms, including gummies, drinks, chewables, and tinctures.

Simple, natural, essential ingredients that build a cleaner taste profile. 

Requirements Checklist

TruClear™ bitter blocker meets all required food safety, quality & regulatory parameters

All TastesNatural bitter blocker products - TruBlock, TruClear, TruSugr, and TruMask - are non-gmo


Whole Foods and Kroger 101 compliant

Organic compliant

FINAL Freeze Heat

heat and freeze stable


allergen free


gluten free





SQF Level 3 Certified



Customize your application

For rates and usage suggestions, please reach out to your Customer Success + Sales team representative.
We recognize and prioritize your specific needs.


This list is not exhaustive by any means, and we understand the nuance of formulations that may use multiple ingredients that can be hard to balance. We encourage you to fill out our sample request form to begin the conversation and the path to custom solutions and formulas for your product. Curious to learn more about taste, flavor and ingredients? Check out our “Applications” page, which aims to be a resource for current trends and benefits of ingredients we’re seeing.

Delivery Methods

At times, the format of the final product will be integral in finding a taste modulator that strengthens your flavor profile. Take a look at some of the final formats of  products that enjoy calling TastesNatural™ one of their ingredients.