Bitter Blocker Taste Technology Solutions

Our Products

Our global patent-pending bitter blocker technology prioritizes the taste profile of your products and the needs of your customers.

Watch this brief video to learn more about how our products work. 

All of our products start as waste materials that would normally go into a landfill. We’re proud to offer sustainable, plant-based solutions that help the planet and help you.

Beyond our bitter-blocker technology, we offer real solutions from a team of experts that consider your specific formulations. We have heard this concierge-level support has cut R+D time from our customers’ schedule and more intimately understand the strength of what they are bringing to market.

Companies around the world have worked with TastesNatural™ to promote sales growth through the development of forward-thinking and clean-label food and beverage products. Our team’s culinary heritage and vast experience in food and beverage science has influenced brands in several categories from confections and dry goods, to vitamin waters and spirits, and more.

Aversive taste attributes and mouthfeel are improved through our powder and liquid bitter blockers. Using our bitter blocker products and sugar substitute allows your products to shine – becoming better tasting with no added fillers. 

Our new boutique product package experience, TruAccelerate™, is launching in 2023.

Customize your application

For rates and usage suggestions, please reach out to our Customer Success team. We recognize and prioritize your specific needs.