We Make Healthy Taste Good


We believe great tasting and truly healthy products are possible without compromise.  Healthy people start with healthy eating and Tastes Natural makes healthy taste good.  Our products are:

  • All natural
  • Organic
  • Non-GMO
  • Listed as natural flavor or extract

Introducing TruBLOCK™, A Revolution in Taste Modulation

TruBLOCK™ is our newest and most powerful taste modulation product. Derived from our patent pending process that produces innovative, all-natural ingredients, TruBLOCK™ combines both our Reactive and Modulating technologies. This approach enables your products to achieve the best taste possible while still supporting your clean label needs. Our proprietary, reactive process enables TruBLOCK™ to bind […]

Diet Is the Leading Cause of Mortality in the United States

Junk Food

Tastes Natural is dedicated to improving the health of all of us by providing all natural sugar and sodium replacement that tastes as good as the originals.  Our mission is growing in importance as more and more studies confirm that what we eat is the cause of our largest health issues.  This New York Times […]

The Challenge of Reducing Sodium

Even if a consumer did not add table salt to their meals, it is nearly impossible in today’s food environment for anybody to consume less than the recommended intake of salt set by the 2015 Dietary Guidelines for Americans. Despite the FDA releasing voluntary sodium reduction target ranges for commercially processed foods, the market lacks […]

Sugar Free Tequila Chocolate Pyramids

Sugar free candy has historically not been good enough to appeal to the mass consumer market.  Collaborating with a major Stevia producer, Tastes Natural worked together to develop a truly world class chocolate candy that is also sugar free.  After some development, the Tequila Chocolate Pyramid was born. Using TruClear and TruSweet together with Stevia, […]

Sugary Drinks Increase Risk of Heart Disease

This shows the terrible effect of sugar on the human body.  In order to help counter act this, we have developed  TruSugr, an all natural, clean label sugar replacement based on Stevia. Please contact us for a sample.http://www.tastesnatural.com/contact   Harvard researchers say soda and sports drinks increase risk of dying from heart disease and breast […]

How to reduce sugar by 85%

  Our client is a global leader in shaved ice operations with 1,600 franchises. Their franchisees sell at school sponsored events making nutrition an important consideration in their syrup offering. The client was seeking a sugar reduction in their product with a target of a 40% reduction while adding nutraceuticals to increase overall nutrition. Subsequently, […]

Blocking the bitterness of caffeine with TruClear

Voke Tab uses an exacting combination of organic Guarana Berry Seed, Organic Acerola Cherry, and natural Green Tea Leaf Caffeine to delivers a consistent and reliable vitalizing energy lift. Use of caffeine extracted from green tea and ground guarana seed resulted in very strong bitter and other off tastes.   Utilizing TruClear, Voke Tab was able to […]