We Make Healthy Taste Good


Supplements have never tasted better. Using TruBlock™, TruClear™ and TruMask™, our products reduce the negative tastes of your nutraceuticals and provides the best tasting products possible.

These are exciting times in health and nutrition and your products are clearing a path to a healthier future. To help us bridge health and taste, we developed a patent-pending, all-natural bitter blocking technology that is effective at reducing and/or eliminating negative taste attributes. We are proud of our taste technology showing up in products that are redefining healthy options for customers across the globe.

TruBlock™, TruMask™ and TruClear™ are being successfully used with cannabis, CBD and terpene rich cannabinoids, hemp, caffeine, MCT, BCAA powders, BHB, botanical powders like kava and moringa, HCl diphenhydramine, herbs, and minerals in most delivery forms including gummies, drinks, chewables, and tinctures.

If added sweetness is desired, some customers look to TruSugr™ for a natural boost.

  • All natural
  • Non-GMO
  • Organic
  • Kosher
  • Listed as natural flavors or extracts.

Blocking Bitter, Earthy Ashwagandha with Ease

After a series of lab tests, we have masked the bitter, earthy notes of ashwagandha powder and extract. Ashwagandha is showing up in food and beverage products, nutraceuticals, supplements and more. Data Bridge Market Research reports a strong forecast of market growth globally. The consideration of its adaptogenic effects can be reviewed in greater detail in […]

A Quick Guide to Functional Foods

A History and Definition of Functional Foods The term functional food was first used in 1993 to describe Japan’s initiative to utilize the health properties of food to improve the health of its population1. Japan was the first and remains the only nation to regulate the use of the term functional food as a health […]

CBD Goes Mainstream

Make CBD Taste Better

Cannabidiol or CBD was named as one of the top 11 trends that will shape the CPG industry in 20201. The 2017 US government approval of CBD products has allowed CBD products to become accessible to the general public. Over the past 3 years, the availability of CBD products and consumer acceptance and desire for […]

Introducing TruBLOCK™, A Revolution in Taste Modulation

TruBLOCK™ is our newest and most powerful taste modulation product. Derived from our patent-pending process that produces innovative, all-natural ingredients, TruBLOCK™ combines both our Reactive and Modulating technologies. This approach enables your products to achieve the best taste possible while still supporting your clean-label needs. This approach enables your products to achieve the best taste […]

Great Tasting Drinks Without The Sugar

Harvard researchers say soda and sports drinks increase risk of dying from heart disease and breast and colon cancers Studies continue to show how bad sugar is for you but it tastes so good.  Now you can have a sweet beverage that’s good for you by using TruSugr. TruSugar uses Stevia, TruClear and TruMask to […]

Making Medicine Taste Better

Our client is a large supplier of cough drops, throat drops, soft chews and other dosage forms for consumer healthcare products in the private-label and contract manufacturing industries.They were developing a sucker for children that included Chlorpheniramine Maleate to reduce allergy symptoms in an easy to use application. Despite using sugar, the bitterness from the […]

Taking the Burn out of CBD

Our client is developing a CBD water including terepenes for sale through retail as well as online.  They tried a few options to mask the flavor but nothing worked well enough for a lightly flavored water drink. TruClear and TruMask utilized in combination totally blocked the negative tastes and burning of the CBD. With a […]

How to reduce sugar by 85%

  Our client is a global leader in shaved ice operations with 1,600 franchises. Their franchisees sell at school sponsored events making nutrition an important consideration in their syrup offering. The client was seeking a sugar reduction in their product with a target of a 40% reduction while adding nutraceuticals to increase overall nutrition. Subsequently, […]

Blocking the bitterness of caffeine with TruClear

Voke Tab uses an exacting combination of organic Guarana Berry Seed, Organic Acerola Cherry, and natural Green Tea Leaf Caffeine to delivers a consistent and reliable vitalizing energy lift. Use of caffeine extracted from green tea and ground guarana seed resulted in very strong bitter and other off tastes.   Utilizing TruClear, Voke Tab was able to […]