Flavoring Flagyl

A while pill container spills out white and blue pills across a pink background, taking up the majority of the right side of the composition. Interrupting the frame on the upper left is a blister package not yet opened.

Flagyl, otherwise known as Metronidazole, is a prescription antibiotic for humans that helps treat bacterial or parasitic infections. When given to pets, its often as an off-label medication as its not yet approved for animals by the FDA [1]. The reasons for giving the drug to pets are similar though; it’s mostly used as a treatment for infections and conditions that cause diarrhea [1]. 

Metronidazole is often said to have a bitter, metallic taste that is unpleasant to dogs [2]. Using a bitter blocker is key to improving the flavor of the drug, especially when used as an oral medication. Flavoring the medication in conjunction with a bitter blocker is optimal.



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