Cough Syrup is vital for Colds and might help with Parkinson’s, but what about the off-putting taste? We have solutions.

A stark white background blends allows for the focus on a zoomed in view of viscous amber liquid being poured into a plastic measuring spoon. The amber tinted bottle that is cropped in the upper right hand corner of the image is nearly perfectly horizontal, bringing focus to the central action of the steady stream of cough syrup onto the translucent spoon. The composition is calm, and yet can elicit a strong response from viewer’s due to the association of the terrible taste of thick cough syrup. TastesNatural™’s bitter blockers can improve the taste profile of cough syrup and other medicinal tastes.

Bites from the Bench™: Notoriously unpleasant tasting cough syrup, beneficial for colds and now possibly Parkinson’s disease, gets a revamped taste profile with TruMask™ and TruClear™. 

Cough syrup, which is infamous for its noxious taste and aftertaste, provides relief for cold symptoms. This OTC solution can help many cold sufferers get some sleep, allowing for vital rest to fight the illness. 

A recent article from Medical News Today, states that cough syrup with Ambroxol may treat Parkinson’s disease. Phase 3 clinical trials will begin this year to study its ability to slow the progression of the disease.

Beginning bench tests are already showing solid avenues of success using a combination of TruMask™ and TruClear™. More trials are needed to suggest the best rates and formulations.  The samples tested in-house starkly contrasted the starting points, and we’re encouraged to continue to find the best solutions for our customers. 

Reducing and eliminating the medicinal taste of cough syrup energizes our team at TastesNatural™, and we look forward to keeping you informed of our progress. 

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