CBD Goes Mainstream

Make CBD Taste Better

Cannabidiol or CBD was named as one of the top 11 trends that will shape the CPG industry in 20201. The 2017 US government approval of CBD products has allowed CBD products to become accessible to the general public. Over the past 3 years, the availability of CBD products and consumer acceptance and desire for these products has increased at an extremely rapid pace.

Globally the CBD market is expected to reach a value of $89 billion by 20262.

North America accounts for the largest market share and the CBD market in North America is expected to rise from $9 billion (2017) to reach $47 billion by 20273,4.  A key driver of this continuous growth has been mainstream acceptance of CBD by both medical professionals and the general public. 25% of Americans report having tried a CBD product and one in 7 Americans report using CBD products daily 5,6.  58% of US adults reported being familiar with CBD and its potential health benefits, although confusion between CBD and THC remains high7.

CBD has a wide range of applications including pharmaceuticals, personal care, cosmetics, nutraceuticals and food and beverages. CBD’s use as a pain reliever is the most widespread (40%), followed by anxiety (20%) and insomnia (11%)6. Across all age groups, the most common form of CBD is as edibles 35%, followed by drop/sprays (30%) and vaping (30%)7.

For CBD products designed for consumption, a challenge can be the after taste. Consumers often complain of a bitter after taste and slight burning sensation. Tastes Natural has a proven record of success working with cannabis products to reduce these negative taste attributes with TruClear and TruMask. Our Tru products have successfully been used across the full spectrum of applications including gummies, sub-lingual strips, sprays, drinks, and tinctures. Contact Tastes Natural for more information and to request a free sample of TruClear and TruSweet.


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