We Make Healthy Taste Good


The health benefits of cannabis products have never been more evident but they still burn and can taste bad. TruClear and TruSweet are uniquely suited for reducing or eliminating these negative taste attributes. Our Tru products are successfully being used across the full spectrum of applications including  gummies, sub-lingual strips and sprays, drinks, chewables, and tinctures.

  • All natural
  • Non-GMO
  • Organic
  • Listed as natural flavors or extracts.

Taking the Burn out of CBD

Our client is developing a CBD water including terepenes for sale through retail as well as online.  They tried a few options to mask the flavor but nothing worked well enough for a lightly flavored water drink. TruClear and TruSweet utilized in combination totally blocked the negative tastes and burning of the CBD. With a […]