The Taste of Tylosin

A field of fluffy white powder with gentle clumps, is interrupted by a smooth wood spoon that enters from the top right corner of the composition. The cup of the spoon also holds the powder and rests gently on the powdery surface. The feeling is bright and natural.

Tylan, often referred to as Tylosin, is an antibiotic feed additive used in veterinary medicine. It has broad spectrum activity against Gram-positive bacteria, with some limited activity against Gram-negative bacteria [1]. It is often used as a treatment for bacterial infections in a number of species [2]. This compound can be found in injectible, intramammary, and oral formulations depending on what kind of animal is being treated [1].

Tylosin is often described as having a foul taste that is hard to disguise. This may prevent animals from ingesting the product. To help combat this, a bitter blocker or taste modulating agent should be used. Using a bitter blocker for Tylosin can help improve the taste profile of your product, without adding harsh chemicals or unnecessary filler. 


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