Keflex: Easing Consumption with Bitter Blocker Taste Technology

An overhead shot of pills that are half green and half white lay still in the center of the composition. The background is a cool, blue-gray and light enters from the lower right casting a sharp shadow on the upper left of the composition.

Cefalexin, typically sold under the name Keflex, is a commonly prescribed medication typically used for treating a wide range of bacterial infections, including those of the bones, skin, respiratory tract, ear, and urinary tract [1]. Both humans and pets benefit from this medication, and the VCA sites use in off-label and extra label products [2].

Keflex comes in many varieties, such as oral suspensions, chewable tablets, oral paste, and capsules [3].  

As with most medications, Keflex can be pretty noxious to a pet’s palette. In order to help mask that flavor, a bitter blocker can be used. This will help cut through the medicinal aspects of the product and make it easier to swallow for one’s pet. A bitter blocker for animal feed or pharmaceutical use, like TruClear™ in combination with TruMask™, can help mask unpleasant taste attributes, allowing for ease of consumption. 



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