Soften the Harshness of Diphenhydramine

On the top left of the composition, a clear glass pill bottle just enters the composition casting a small shadow to the left. Small pink pills gently spill out, with only two pills fully leaving the bottle. The background is white, giving a clean, airy brightness to the image.

Diphenhydramine (commonly sold under the brand name Benadryl) is an antihistamine medication mainly sold for the treatment of allergies [1]. There are multiple ways to consume this compound, including orally, injection into muscles or veins, or applied topically to the skin [1]. It works by blocking some of the effects of histamine [1]. Beyond its effectiveness for allergies, diphenhydramine has other uses, such as treating movement disorders or aiding with insomnia [1,2]

Diphenhydramine often comes flavored as it can be quite harsh tasting. When working with this compound, using a bitter masker or taste modulating agent can help cut the harshness. This can also aid in the flavoring of the product as it can enhance the flavoring agent by making it more pronounced. 

Utilizing a clean, all-natural bitter blocker for diphenhydramine allows the benefits to shine with an improved taste profile. The aftertaste, too, can be helped with bitter blocker products.


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