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Inc. Magazine awards TastesNatural regional honors as one of the fastest-growing privately held companies in the Northeast.
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TastesNatural Crowned Inc. 5000 Regionals Winner for 2024

Discover TastesNatural, the Inc. Regionals 2024 winner, revolutionizing the food industry with natural, bitter-blocking additives for healthier, tastier consumer products. Based in Danbury, CT, our patented technology enhances food and beverages without artificial ingredients, championing a new standard in taste innovation.

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A centered curl of aqua toothpaste lays on a white wooden surface with the container blurred in the background exiting the right side of the composition. The texture of the toothpaste is the focus of these piece.
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Bitter blocker for SLS

Have you ever drank orange juice after brushing your teeth? Not pleasant.  What you may have thought was the cause – mint and orange doesn’t

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