Providing Taste Solutions for Medicines

bitter_blocker for pharmaceuticals

Your OTC and prescription applications can taste good without excessive sugar or flavors. Our “Tru” family of products provide bitter blockers for pharmaceuticals and enables the best tasting products possible.

We are excited to be working with companies as they clear a path to make medicines more accessible by improving taste. Our goal at TastesNatural™ is to Make Healthy Taste Good™ and the experience of working with pharmaceuticals is a humbling one.

Our taste technology can help block bitter, astringent, metallic, sour, earthy, and other negative taste attributes that deter people from accessing care and support they need. We are proud to offer solutions that clear a path of great taste in even some of the most notorious off-tasting products.

We recognize that you need bitter blockers for pharmaceuticals as well as a company that is interested in helping you meet compliance requirements. Reach out to learn more and be connected to a Customer Success team member that will work with pharmaceutical needs.

TruBlock™, TruMask™, and TruClear™ are being successfully used in many delivery forms including syrups, gummies, suckers, chewables, and tinctures.

If added sweetness is desired, customers look to TruSugr™ for a natural boost.

TastesNatural’s™ bitter blockers for pharmaceuticals are listed as natural flavors or extracts.


Our products meet all required food safety, quality & regulatory parameters.

We believe great tasting and truly healthy products are possible without compromise.  Our bitter blockers for pharmaceuticals are:

All TastesNatural bitter blocker products - TruBlock, TruClear, TruSugr, and TruMask - are non-gmo


Whole Foods and Kroger 101 compliant

Organic compliant

FINAL Freeze Heat

heat and freeze stable


allergen free


gluten free





SQF Level 3 Certified



Bitter Blocker for Pharmaceuticals

Explore how our bitter blockers are being used to improve the taste of our customers’ pharmaceuticals products on the market today.