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personal care products are just one of many applications for our bitter blockers

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The health benefits of personal care products are under close inspection by discerning customers. Understanding and prioritizing their needs for healthy options, we enhance unique taste profiles, naturally. Bitter blockers for personal care products help expand your opportunities. 

Thanks to initiatives in education on oral hygiene from some big players, there is an increase in oral care products that are easy to use and taste good. The same article by Grand View Research goes on to reflect on the increase in the geriatric population, which lends itself to an increase in denture products. Some of the ingredients used to meet these needs require bitter blockers for personal care products, and we’re here to help. 

Innovative new routes in oral care that focus on transportability and sustainability includes toothpaste in chewable tablets and powder.  Mouthwash, too, shows up in tablet form. Alcohol-free mouthwash continues to be an avenue of exploration with a careful balance of formulations to limit side effects. Our bitter blockers for personal care products are in liquid and powder form, helping you with your versatile delivery method needs. 

TastesNatural™ has proven success with our bitter blockers in the oral hygiene market, allowing for forward-thinking companies to achieve healthy mouth care for customers of all ages.

If added sweetness is desired, customers look to TruSugr™ for a natural boost.

TastesNatural’s™ bitter blockers for personal care products are listed as natural flavors or extracts.


Our products meet all required food safety, quality & regulatory parameters.

We believe great tasting and truly healthy products are possible without compromise.  Our bitter blockers for personal care products are:

All TastesNatural bitter blocker products - TruBlock, TruClear, TruSugr, and TruMask - are non-gmo


Whole Foods and Kroger 101 compliant

Organic compliant

FINAL Freeze Heat

heat and freeze stable


allergen free


gluten free





SQF Level 3 Certified



Bitter Blocker for Personal Care Products

Explore how our bitter blockers are being used to improve the taste of our customers’ personal care products on the market today.