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Animals of all kinds have discerning palettes. If the product doesn’t taste good, animals will not eat it – and we don’t blame them. All animals benefit from healthier solutions without compromising taste. Our bitter blockers for animal feed help prioritize both health and taste, allowing pets and animals of all kinds to access nutritional and medicinal needs. 

We have heard from our customers and specifically animal caretakers that are in critical need of a bitter blockers for animal feed and supplements that are natural and that work. They turned to us and found the solutions that their animals needed.

Livestock feed and nutrition demands are expansive and thoroughly studied for digestibility, nutrition, and palatability to name a few key components. Horrocks and Vallentine speak to livestock preferences in Harvested Forages, as accessed through ScienceDirect, stating that there is a “high dependence on taste in dietary selection.” TasteNatural’s™ bitter blockers for animal feed offer solutions and our team works with your company’s custom needs. 

When considering pet food, there are elements that are as unique as each individual animal. Still, with “1600 taste buds that can detect sour, bitter, salty, sweet, and umami,” dogs in particular “…are generally not fans of bitter” states Jennifer Barnett Fox in an article for Pet Food Processing from March 2020. In her article, she quotes Jean-Francois Herve, CEO and Founder of Birdstone Technologies, a pet food consulting and co-packing company, as he states some of the intricacies of taste and nutrition: “Small peptides can enhance taste, but too-small peptides (less than 3,000 Da) can create bitterness.” Nutrition in pet food formulas requires an understanding of pet needs and taste issues, which we are proud to offer.

TastesNatural’s™ taste technology blocks the bitter, astringent, sour tastes that animals detest. Our bitter blockers for animal feed can help keep Fido eager to eat and ready to receive nutrition that is best for him. And not just Fido, but birds, livestock, and more benefit from our bitter blockers for animal feed

As the younger generations are opting for “fur babies” and families emptied the shelters looking for at-home companionship during the pandemic, we are seeing a massive shift in demand to healthier, more nutritious dog treats. We’re here to help you meet that need with our bitter blockers for animal feed, which come in liquid and powder formats.

From pet food to nutritional supplements to agricultural needs to pet treats, we have proven success in this market. TastesNatural™ is grateful to be able to offer healthy, tasty options for our beloved animal friends. Cue the feather flapping and tail wagging.

If added sweetness is desired, customers look to TruSugr™ for a natural boost.

TastesNatural’s™ bitter blockers for animal feed are listed as natural flavors or extracts.


Our products meet all required food safety, quality & regulatory parameters.

We believe great tasting and truly healthy products are possible without compromise.  Our bitter blockers for agriculture and feed are:

All TastesNatural bitter blocker products - TruBlock, TruClear, TruSugr, and TruMask - are non-gmo


Whole Foods and Kroger 101 compliant

Organic compliant

FINAL Freeze Heat

heat and freeze stable


allergen free


gluten free





SQF Level 3 Certified



Bitter Blocker for Agriculture & Feed

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