Innovative, all-natural flavor ingredients that meet modern clean-label demands

Salt Substitute, Sugar Replacement, Flavor Enhancer
Bring out your true
flavors, naturally.

Making ingredients that are good for us, and taste good too, is a science and an art. Our recipe at Tastes Natural uses equal parts innovation, and good old-fashioned nature to build cleaner and highly palatable taste profiles for brands everywhere.

  • Natural
  • Honest
  • Tasty
  • Pure
  • Inspired

All the flavor,
none of the trade-offs.

There’s a reason people crave products with unhealthy ingredients like sugars, sweeteners and MSG: the chemistries actually seduce taste buds into wanting more. On the other hand, healthier, all-natural products have cleaner taste profiles, but they’re often inelegant, lacking in flavor.

Now there’s a way to pair purity with deliciousness!

Tastes Natural does away with preservatives and other additives no one can pronounce. We use brainpower (and our advanced degrees in chemistry) to surface the flavors people want without the damaging health effects of unnatural ingredients.


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National Spirits Competition
Gold and Silver Medals
ADI International Spirits Competition

Our Products

We Understand What Matters to You.

Tastes Natural knows the flavor business inside and out. That’s because our natural food and beverage scientists and commercializers have been in the industry for more than 20 years. We’ve honed our valued relationships. As a result, we know and work closely with the best raw ingredient suppliers and manufacturing partners around the world.

Our Products Meet Your Standards.

  • Non-GMO
  • Kroger 101 and Whole Foods compliant
  • Organic compliant
  • Heat and freeze stable
  • Customizable to your application
  • Allergen Free
  • Gluten Free
  • Halal
  • Kosher

Our SQS level 3 facilities can handle all of the set-up, food safety standards and regulatory approvals needed, so you can get your product to market quickly and efficiently.

Bitter Blocker Flavor Enhancer


Bitter Doesn't Have To Bite.

TruClear™ is a revolutionary advancement in bitter-blocking innovation. Where traditional bitter blockers attempt to trick the taste bud response by masking one flavor with another, TruClear™ takes another approach. Through artful chemistry, our ingredients bind with the compound, then drop off. The result? Taste buds detect no bitterness at all.

With TruClear™, taste improvement is perceived in 100% of cases with as little as .03%. That means very small quantities of our plant-based extract give you a cleaner taste profile.

Not only does TruClear™ erase the bitterness of active ingredients, it’s the healthier choice at one of the lowest use rates on the market today.

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Natural Food Sweetener Flavor Enhancer


The Perfect Curve of Sweetness

TruSweet is the next generation of integrated sweetening systems. In combination with natural zero calorie replacement sweeteners, TruSweet technology enables a sugar like taste profile for a complete taste experience. TruSweet provides the most delicious, natural solution on the market today making TruSwee the natural choice for your brands.

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Salt Substitute


Reduce sodium chloride 100%

Sodium chloride is a universal flavor enhancer present in most foods and beverages. Consumers increasingly are raising the bar as to their expectations which means foods and beverages must deliver taste, health, and transparency.

With so many negative health attributes being associated with over-consumption of sodium chloride, Tastes Natural worked to create the perfect salt replacement. Now, there are no compromises. TruSalt utilizes potassium chloride and TruClear to produce an all natural salt with no sodium.

TRUSALT is a 1 to 1 replacement for sodium chloride in any application without sacrificing taste.

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Sugar Replacement


Direct replacement for sugar utilizing modern sweetener systems (Available Q1 2019)

Consumer demand to reduce sugar consumption has never been stronger and will only grow.

TruSugr utilizes TruClear and TruSweet with Stevia to produce an all natural, zero calorie sweetener that provides the sweetness profile of sugar. Historically Stevia’s latent sweetness and its negative aftertaste has reduced its market appeal. TruClear and TruSweet overcome those negative taste attributes.

TruSugr is a concentrated replacement that can provide a 100% replacement for sugar’s sweetness depending on the application without sacrificing taste.

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Salt Alternative

Meet Tastes Natural

Companies everywhere have worked with Tastes Natural to promote sales growth through the development of innovative and clean food and beverage products. Our team’s culinary heritage and vast experience in food and beverage science has influenced brands in several categories from confections and dry goods, to vitamin waters and spirits.

Our mission is to replace synthetic ingredients with natural ones to design foods, beverages, medicines, supplements and other products that are truly good for people and delicious.

Why We Do What We Do

Fake doesn’t fool us. We can taste an additive a mile away. In fact, there’s nothing artificial about us, from our people to our ingredients.

We’re Tastes Natural, and we’re all about keeping it real — and really good. We have a huge appetite for health and for helping food and beverage makers create great-tasting products without junking up their labels.

Preservatives, sugars and other unnatural additives have no place in our bodies, our kitchens or our labs. So we use nature and chemistry to create pure, all-natural ingredients that keep flavors honest and honestly delicious.

That’s it.
No fluff, no filler, all flavor.